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May 6, 2011

Baby Names, Part Two.

Earlier in the week, I blogged about the names that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon gave their twins. When I posted the link to that blogpost to Facebook… my sister and I went on such a grammar tangent of made-up names that I had to record it here for all posterity. Seester: Monroe isn’t actually so bad, but Moroccan has to be the worst name ever. Even Morocco would have been better. But I’m going with Modern Joe for my imaginary boy and Makhalina for the girl. And frankly, as far as adjectival first names go, Modern isn’t half as…

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May 4, 2011

Baby Names, OH MY.

Mariah Carey announced the names of her children. Moroccan Scott (for the boy) and Monroe (for the girl). Their logic? Moroccan Scott was named after the Moroccan Room in her NY apartment, which is where Nick Cannon proposed. Monroe is after Marilyn Monroe- an icon who inspired Mariah. (Apparently Marilyn was just too obvious) Please tell me that people will stop making fun of Coco and Apple now. Because these are infinitely worse. Before I knew that Moroccan was after the name of the room (and the decor style), I thought she was simply going with using the term to…