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My daily drive.

Right now, I have a morning drive that takes me around the hills nearby.

Past the cemetery where deer come out in the morning to graze.

Onto the freeway to continue driving around the hills.

The funny thing is that the weather on one side of the hill is often very different. It will be a gloomy, foggy morning. The sort where the clouds sort of licks the hills, you can see bits of it curl around trees, filling valleys. Then I’ll get to the other side of the hill where it’s sunny, and if I look up at the hills, I can see where the cloud stops. Where it’s swallowing up a million dollar home, leaving everything else below alone.

Of course, sometimes it goes the other way. The forecast will call for rain, but it will be sunny here at home. The second I get around the hill, it goes from sunny to pouring rain.

Wouldn’t give up my drive for the world. I do wish I could get pictures, but that’s hard to do while driving.

So what’s your favorite drive, and why?

Drizzle, LEGO and Star Wars.

It’s a rainy day here in SoCal. Which means that it isn’t actually raining. It’s been drizzling most of the day, heavily enough to ensure that the roads (and my windshield) stay wet, but not enough that you need an umbrella.

Drizzle, Fo Rizzle my dizzle.

Which is why I was surprised when on the way home I saw a river running on the side of the road. But when I noticed traffic come to a stop up ahead, I realized that either a water main had burst, or someone had hit a hydrant. I apologize that the picture wasn’t better, but there were Highway Patrol blocking off the area of the accident and I didn’t want to get in trouble for using my phone while driving. (Both pictures were snapped while my car was stopped)

Yesterday was the Oldest Kidlet’s 7th birthday. Since we’d already had his birthday party, but hadn’t given him his present yet (I would have given LK his present on his birthday, but I sort of had a feeling his classmates show up at their joint birthday party and I wanted him to get some presents, so I held off on his). It was… a LEGO Star Wars set!

The kidlets have been getting into LEGO, and only recently discovered the joy that is their Star Wars line. LittleGeekGirl and her brother gave OK a V-Wing set, and it gets a regular amount of playtime. My mom bought OK a set with Savage Opress AND Asajj Ventriss (She gets bonus points for buying stuff with female SW characters)! Oh, and Anakin Skywalker. And two little models of an X-wing and Naboo Starfighter. The set that we bought him was from A New Hope – with the escape pod, two Stormtroopers and Artoo and Threepio. They even had a shiny LEGO chip included so that your Stormtrooper can re-enact that infamous line, “Look Sir, droids!” (The youngest Brother-in-law watched me putting them together and wondered if the sets were more for me than them. Considering I lectured my boys for ten minutes on what an escape pod is and what it isn’t… he might be onto something.)

Of course, they play with these enough that I also have to keep reassembling bits and pieces of them. So much that this morning the Oldest Kidlet asked if I could glue these sets together, since these are the LEGOs that you play with, not use to build other things.

While I’m on the subject of LEGO Star Wars, if you’re a fan, I recommend checking out the LEGO Star Wars specials. I still haven’t seen the first one, but they showed The Empire Strikes Out last week on Cartoon Network and we recorded it. So I’ve seen it at least a dozen times now.

They’re excessively silly. Which is sort of the way I like things. Also, Darth Maul’s in it (voiced by Sam Witwer, just like in Clone Wars). And of course, Anthony Daniels voices Threepio.

If you need one reason, there’s this: Han shoots first. And when asked about it says, “Why wouldn’t I?”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to finish reading up on how to immortalize my LEGO sets.

(PS- If you’re a fan of Jedi Lore, even if you aren’t a fan of The Clone Wars, I recommend checking out this story arch: “The Gathering” – “A Test of Strength” – “Bound for Rescue” – “A Necessary Bond” It follows a group of younglings on their quest to build lightsabers, and more or less is a standalone arch. And if you need more reason to check it out, David Tennant voices a character in it.)

Rainy day…

No, this wasn't taken today. But it looks just like this outside.

It’s raining! There’s something about rain that brings out the little kid in me. TheBoy was kind enough to stay up long enough for me to drop the Oldest Kidlet at school in the pouring rain, while he watched the Little Kidlet at home. There was just something about dealing with the rain, the cast and two kids that just seemed like it wasn’t worth the hassle.

It took a total of fifteen minutes to drive around the block, walk my son to his class and get home. It probably would have taken less time, but we walked very slowly to the class to make sure that the cast didn’t get wet.

My mother-in-law asked me what I thought of my peek at the future. It’s true. Next year, the Little Kidlet will still be in preschool. But the year after that? Both my boys will be going to the school right around the block. On days where I don’t have errands, I will be back home only 20 minutes at most after leaving to drop off kids at school.

This has been a rough month for me. Between OK breaking his arm, and LK’s trip to the ER last night…

…what’s that? I didn’t mention that particular ER trip?

Last night, just as I was getting ready to make dinner, the Little Kidlet started coughing and started crying. When I got him to calm down, he coughed some more and said “swallowed… coin.” (No, he doesn’t say much) He kept pointing to his throat, was genuinely freaking out… so we did what you’re supposed to do and went to the ER.

In what was quite possibly the speediest ER trip ever, we were whisked back after waiting for 15 minutes and put in a bed. They took us back for xrays, and then we sat and waited. There was no sign of the coins, and the Doctor believed our story (LK did chime in enough to support the story). Her theory was that he had swallowed it, but coughed it up and was so freaked out by the whole thing he didn’t realize he’d coughed it up. We were discharged about 2 hours after we got there.

So it was a non-event. On the other hand, after my trip to the hospital in December, and the broken arm… I’m over hospitals.

At least I had this to amuse me.

Little Kidlet: Knock, knock.
Me: Who’s there.
Little Kidlet: Dinosaur.
Me: Dinosaur who?
Little Kidlet: ROOOOOOOAAAAARRRRRRRR (He does a great T-Rex).

Yep. That’s what he considers a knock knock joke. He also did them for dragons, elephants and the silliest was a goldfish.

Power Outages and Mayorships

It’s raining here in SoCal- the first real rainstorm of fall/winter, and a welcome change from 80-90 degree heat. I drove the kids to school, through throngs of drivers who tried to go the speed limit or higher on slick roads with not so great visibility- and a bunch of drivers that insisted on driving without any lights on. I survived, obviously.

Now, not that long ago I was ousted as the mayor of our local Fresh & Easy on Foursquare. Since I was hungry on the way home and didn’t feel like cooking, I stopped in to pick up some chicken salad. I checked in and I snagged that mayorship back.

I got home, discovered that our power was out and did what anyone would do. I checked Twitter while I loaded the fiction I’ve been working on up on my laptop. That’s when I saw… this (sorry, I compiled it Twitter style, so you have to read it from the bottom up).

Finally. A worthy opponent.

The power is back on (obviously, since I’m updating here- it’s just too hard to edit pictures on my phone), but I have to say that the hour and a half I was without power, I was unbelievably productive. Guess I need to just shut off my net access more often.

Today is weird.

Rain is a big deal here in Southern California. With the slightest bit of moisture, all the news channels are on StormWatch [insert year here] and they have nearly every tiny reporter they can find out in the street wearing rain slickers and waiting to tell you how wet it is out there.

Last night it rained furiously here. The forecast called for rain in the morning, and while I knew people who had snow, hail and rain… there were nothing but blue skies here.

I went out to run errands, and it was literally as though there was some dome over our city, keeping clouds away. I got lunch, went to a couple stores… and still, nothing but blue skies. Yet, everyone drove as if it was going to start raining any second!

People sped and cut each other off. They were all in a mad rush to get home before the rain began! If you were not aware, people who live in Southern California are not made of flesh and bone- they are made of sugar and will melt in the rain. Or they are all the Wicked Witch of the West. Take your pick, my pretties.

To be fair, there is some concern about rain here. When the suburbia sprang up and modern systems put into place, city planners seemed to forget that it always rains heavily in the late winter and early spring. If you hear people who claim that it “never rains here,” they’re lying. I’ve lived here since I was 3, and it always rains around this time of year. Sometimes not very much- and other times you get a lot of rain. Yet, city planners forgot, and so the drainage systems always overflow and streets flood.

It’s raining!

Enjoy a picture of our wet lawn. Taken so that you cannot see the intersection I live near. Mwahahaha.

We began our week with grey. Not a bright grey, but the lovely dark grey that promises rain. This is immensely helpful when getting over a migraine. Those bright overcast days we get in Southern California are horrible for me, and I find that I wear my sunglasses everywhere. Just like my mom, who also gets migraines.

Oh mom. Because of you, I will forever think of our family when I hear “I wear my sunglasses at night.” Of course, I still look like I’m 16, and that’s all because of you- so I can’t really complain.

I love the rain. There is nothing more relaxing to me than the sound of rain, nor anything as wonderful as how clean everything smells while it’s raining and just after it’s rained. More than once, I was working and a co-worker would tell me it was raining so that he could laugh at me frantically saving documents so that I could run outside to feel the rain on my face before the “storm” moved on. (For those not from Southern California, usually our storms are little patches of cloud where it rains- so it’s not unheard of for the much talked about storm that’s coming to only hit a small portion of the area and even then for just a few minutes. But it’ll get coverage on television. I guarantee right now all the local news are on STORMWATCH 2010 with a bunch of rookie reporters sent across the Southland, standing where it isn’t raining, but wearing slickers.)

My boys love the rain, too. Despite the fact that he won’t step in the sprinklers no matter how hot it might be, the littlest one will jump in puddles, stand under where the water drips from an awning and will tilt his little face up to catch the drops of water. Today both have lamented that I wouldn’t let them play in the rain. We weren’t talking about playing in the backyard in our driveway. No, they wanted to play on the wooden trolley in front of their school. Where the ground is usually muddy anyways, but especially muddy when it’s raining. And the steps would be wet and slippery.

I know they love the rain. But just imagining them playing on it was giving me visions of a trip to the Emergency Room. Not my idea of a swell day.

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