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December 31, 2014

Hello 2015.

2014 by all accounts was a pretty uneven year. The great things were awesome, the terrible parts were really bad… and there weren’t many things that actually fell in between. There were a lot of great moments- TheBoy and I went to four different conventions and had a great time at all of them (two were fan conventions for TV shows, and two were comic cons- and I cosplayed at all of them). We went to Vegas and ate extremely well. I met an online friend in person- and we discovered that we really were that much in sync, that…

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January 3, 2012


I know, it’s the new year and a time to reflect on what I want to get done this year. I set some goals last year, and while I’ve gotten better, I didn’t get them all accomplished. In the spirit of getting things done, I figured I’d put this all out there. 1. Get organized. We occupy three rooms of this house (our room, the boys’ room and the common area upstairs) and share two other rooms (the living room and the upstairs bathroom) and try to fit everything that four people might need in there. When we moved in,…