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February 21, 2012

Introducing Star Wars to the Kidlets

Oh dear. Everything seems to be happening on St Patrick’s Day. I’ll be at Wondercon that day, and already I’ve been invited to a baby shower and a birthday party. Not to mention that I’m missing Sportive Tricks in Long Beach. (Go, Southern California people, go!) But I’m going to Wondercon. I’m going to make myself a Sith costume and I’m debating whether to go with a classic cloak or something a little less traditional. Though that reminds me- I need to make a Vader costume for someone. Because this (as my friends pointed out) screams Casual Day on the…

February 10, 2012

A (pretend) Conversation to George Lucas: Why Han Should Shoot First

As I’m sure most Star Wars fans have heard, George Lucas did an interview that tried to clarify why he made Greedo shoot first in the Special Edition of Star Wars. In short, he never intended it to look like Han shot first. It was always supposed to be Greedo. He went on to say that he didn’t understand why people wanted Han to be a cold blooded killer. George- may I call you that? George, it’s really quite simple. Nobody thought that Han was a cold-blooded killer. But Han shooting first was an important step in establishing the world…

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February 12, 2011

Gender roles? I stomp on them.

This week, I saw two things that made me wonder how we’re raising our kids these days… and why we haven’t come further. First was an old advice column from 2002 on Dr. Phil’s website. In the column, a woman asked for advice about her 5 year old boy who had two older sisters and preferred to play with “girl toys” and wanted to wear girl clothes. The page is making the rounds of LGBT blogs, who are rightly concerned by Dr. Phil’s attitude. While he says that it could just be a phase, and clearly isn’t an indicator that…

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November 30, 2010

Stop saying that!

This is a Geeky Confession post- there is something that most geeks do that drives me up the wall. Not just drives me up the wall, but makes me want to start punching people. These days, you can’t mention liking Star Wars in a group, without at least one person using the phrase “George Lucas ruined Star Wars” or the more vulgar/offensive “George Lucas raped my childhood.” While I completely understand people not liking the prequels or not liking decisions that Lucas has made, I’m going to make this point- he didn’t ruin Star Wars. One’s enjoyment of the Star…