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December 4, 2012

In the Car: Pastafarians and Bacon.

I’m sure most everyone can agree that the most interesting conversations between parents and kids (since even if you don’t have kids, you were one once) happen in cars. There’s something about a confined space that seems to bring out the odd conversations. The Oldest Kidlet’s school has a yearly Winter Program, where they kids since a bunch of non-religious Christmas songs. You know, the ones that mention Christmas, but not God. So a lot of songs about Santa or snow. This year, one of the songs his class is singing is “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.” The former…

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August 7, 2012

The Things Kids Say, Car Edition

If you follow me on Twitter (@whitneyd), I frequently share the bizarre things my kids say, from fights over who summer belongs to (it’s YOU, as any Phineas & Ferb fan knows) to not being able to say Olympics. But as most parents know, the weirdest things come up in the car. Wonderful, but definitely weird. Today as we were running errands, the Oldest Kidlet asked if I had any Love Händel song on my iPod. I had to explain that they weren’t a real band, just a band in Phineas & Ferb. “Oh,” he said sadly. “I wish they…

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May 18, 2012

What do you want to be?

The Little Kidlet is a boy of few words. He didn’t say much at all until about 8 months ago- just a few words at a time (though I wasn’t worried- he knew a lot of words). Nowadays you can’t get him to stop talking when he’s excited. But if he isn’t in the mood, he’ll boil everything down to one word. Which doesn’t always work. This morning, as we were getting in the car to go to school, the Oldest Kidlet was excited. “When I grow up, I’m going to be a doctor.” He leaned over towards his brother.…

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August 9, 2011

Tales from the Car

Since we’ve been on summer vacation, there haven’t been a lot of trips in the car with all of us. I’ve tried to time errands to where I only have to take one trip out a week with the boys. Not because I don’t enjoy it, but well, loud little boys in a car are even louder than usual. In gearing up for the Oldest Kidlet to start Kindergarten (his school is trying out a “test week” to get the kids acclimated to the school), I had to finish up doctor visits so that his paperwork would be complete. And…