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Winter Memories.

Full admission – I live in Southern California, where only occasionally we get something close to Winter. As a matter of fact, my coldest winters have all been in Tucson. Where sometimes you’d wake up to frost on the cars, and slushy snow falling. My only White Christmas was in Tucson. I was 9, I think – and we had snowball fights and made a teeny snowman in my grandparents’ backyard.

But it does get chilly here. Sometimes dipping down into the 30s at night, with highs in the 50s. Today, it was 44 degrees when I went to take the Kidlets to school – so I wore my peacoat and my Wampa hat. 9 kids thought it was a yeti, one asked how I killed the wampa, and one of the kindergarteners asked why I don’t have a wolf hat. (It’s been ONE DAY since the werewolf thing, and this boy wasn’t even at that table!)

Yesterday morning though, I had a strange sort of sensory connection. I walked out in the crisp and chilly morning, and heard a distant sort of whirring sound. And in an instant, I was wondering where the nearest citrus groves were.

Confused? Back in Ventura, we lived next to a lemon grove (lots of citrus groves out there). When temperatures would dip too low, you’d hear the hum of their industrial fans trying to keep their crops from being damaged by frost. It was a nice sound- there were lots of nights where I’d fall asleep to the sound. Better than any white noise generator out there.

But there aren’t any citrus groves around here. Instead, it was the sound of a street sweeping machine a few streets over. Funny how a sound or smell can put you in a memory that clearly, though.

Stay warm everyone! Looking at the weather map for the country, it looks like it’s chilly for everyone but Florida.

My daily drive.

Right now, I have a morning drive that takes me around the hills nearby.

Past the cemetery where deer come out in the morning to graze.

Onto the freeway to continue driving around the hills.

The funny thing is that the weather on one side of the hill is often very different. It will be a gloomy, foggy morning. The sort where the clouds sort of licks the hills, you can see bits of it curl around trees, filling valleys. Then I’ll get to the other side of the hill where it’s sunny, and if I look up at the hills, I can see where the cloud stops. Where it’s swallowing up a million dollar home, leaving everything else below alone.

Of course, sometimes it goes the other way. The forecast will call for rain, but it will be sunny here at home. The second I get around the hill, it goes from sunny to pouring rain.

Wouldn’t give up my drive for the world. I do wish I could get pictures, but that’s hard to do while driving.

So what’s your favorite drive, and why?

This is Halloween (and PR done right)

Happy Halloween! In case you don’t follow me on Twitter, Tumblr or “the book” – here’s a picture of my kidlets.

This was how our day started. The skies were chilly, and the fog was thick. Sort of the perfect weather to start off Halloween with!

So far we’ve had a busy day. TheBoy took the Oldest Kidlet’s costume parade, and I took the Little Kidlet’s (since I was also helping out with his class’ Halloween party- to help his teachers feel more comfortable with the allergies). So I was at one school all morning, and then picked up the Oldest Kidlet from school and went right back for Parent-Teacher Conferences. Phew!

I’m getting a breather while the kidlets visit their local great-grandparents.

As I was writing this, I got an email from LOFT (Of the Ann Taylor family of stores, Ann Inc, actually) called “We Hope You’re Safe & Sound”. As I’ve seen a lot of companies try to capitalize on the aftermath of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy… I braced myself. And this is what I saw (click to see it full time).

They sent out an email with that message from their CEO- which not only offered their sympathy to those affected, it advised their customers that they’re based in NY and Connecticut and are also affected, and reassured us that their focus isn’t just on getting their business back up and running, but to ensure the safety and well-being of their associates.

Now that is how you handle PR.

Not like the Gap, which had this to say (I have to use my tweet, because they deleted the original tweet):


Have a Happy Halloween everyone- and be safe!

Today is weird.

Rain is a big deal here in Southern California. With the slightest bit of moisture, all the news channels are on StormWatch [insert year here] and they have nearly every tiny reporter they can find out in the street wearing rain slickers and waiting to tell you how wet it is out there.

Last night it rained furiously here. The forecast called for rain in the morning, and while I knew people who had snow, hail and rain… there were nothing but blue skies here.

I went out to run errands, and it was literally as though there was some dome over our city, keeping clouds away. I got lunch, went to a couple stores… and still, nothing but blue skies. Yet, everyone drove as if it was going to start raining any second!

People sped and cut each other off. They were all in a mad rush to get home before the rain began! If you were not aware, people who live in Southern California are not made of flesh and bone- they are made of sugar and will melt in the rain. Or they are all the Wicked Witch of the West. Take your pick, my pretties.

To be fair, there is some concern about rain here. When the suburbia sprang up and modern systems put into place, city planners seemed to forget that it always rains heavily in the late winter and early spring. If you hear people who claim that it “never rains here,” they’re lying. I’ve lived here since I was 3, and it always rains around this time of year. Sometimes not very much- and other times you get a lot of rain. Yet, city planners forgot, and so the drainage systems always overflow and streets flood.

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