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Trailer: Batman vs Superman

I’m in Las Vegas. There’s been a lot going on, and I’ve started and scrapped three drafts of a post about the shooting in San Bernardino. (I can sum up my reaction in two sentences, it seems. Thoughts and prayers have done nothing to stop mass shootings, which are tragic and should not happen with

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Super love and Orange Juice.

I was going to write a piece about Superman and Wonder Woman, but I’ll just say this. While I see why they’d be attracted to each other, I don’t think it could be anything permanent. Why? Ultimately, they’re really similar. Really, really similar. Both are essentially outsiders fighting for the good of mankind, and historically

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The DC Reboot & Magic Breasts.

For any of these pictures, click on them and you can see them full-sized. I’ve tweeted about the DC Reboot, which for those non-comic types was the recent announcement that DC will be restarting all of its major series numerically and content-wise. Origin stories, and chances for fresh starts for characters. I will say this

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