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June 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sister

To the rest of the United States, let’s remember D-Day. To my mom, Happy Birthday to Jehzara!

This is my sister.

If you couldn’t guess, she’s in Japan right now.

It’s her birthday! Well, at least in the states. Her birthday just wrapped up in Japan.

I have a million amazing memories I could share. We were best friends growing up, and spent all our free time out riding bikes and having great adventures. When we were bored, it’d just take a little imagination and soon we’d be doing an all Barbie version of Oklahoma. I know, it sounds silly… but well, it was a great performance.

We grew apart once I hit high school. I was busy with school and acting, and she was busy with ballet. I was trying to find some pictures of her when she danced with State Street Ballet, but the internet wasn’t very cooperative. Boo. She danced first at the Performance Studio, in all sorts of pieces (my favorite was still the cat in “Peter and the Wolf”) and at SSB had some amazing parts, including the Queen of Hearts in “Alice in Wonderland.”

She doesn’t dance anymore. She’s going to college and is an amazing writer/artist. And singer, too! And linguist and… honestly, she’s just a talented talented person that I’m supremely proud to call my sister.

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