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June 23, 2010

Vacation Planning: the beginning

TheBoy and I are going on a weekend getaway in August, and as soon as the opportunity presented itself (read: my mother-in-law offered to watch the kidlets), we began planning our escape.

Vacation planning seems to begin the same way- we start mentioning every location we’ve mentioned wanting to travel that’s within a day’s driving. Which, honestly, becomes: San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas. Then, we start discussing where we’ve been dying to go and why. Which usually is a discussion about restaurants we’ve wanted to try.

Yes, I pick my vacations based on where I want to eat.

I watch a lot of Food Network and Cooking Channel. So when they mention restaurants with dishes that I like, I file it away mentally for when we want to go on vacation (and for a couple cities, I have bookmark folders filled with links).

This time, we’ve decided on Las Vegas. While we went last year, it’s a great city to dine in. Most major chefs have a restaurant in Las Vegas, so if there’s someone whose cuisine I’ve wanted to try, I have the chance.

Right now I’m skimming my list of restaurants I wanted to try, and I’ll share my Top 10 with you as I narrow it down. Odds are we won’t visit them all, and odds are better that we’ll try some place that isn’t on the list. But it’s always fun to share what places I’m dying to visit.

As far as planning the rest of our trip, it’s mostly just planning what clothes I’m going to bring, as well as what books to read by the pool- and of course, what music to put on the iPod.

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