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June 27, 2010

And I didn’t die!

We went to the beach today, and had a lovely time. But most importantly, I went into the water.

I suppose, some background is needed. While back, I went to Florida with my then future in-laws. We went to Orlando to go to Walt Disney World (and Universal) and went to Daytona Beach. While we were out at Daytona, we went into the water and I went a little deeper than I’m used to. Only, there was a rip current and… I’m sure where you can see this going. I’m not the strongest swimmer, nor am I particularly buoyant. I struggled and Ronnie pulled me back to shore. That was about 10 years ago. I hadn’t set foot in the water since then.

We aren’t talking swimming- there were rip currents, and I’ve certainly learned that lesson. But we were building sand castles, so we needed water. I went in up to my knees and didn’t freak out. Definitely a big moment for me. Maybe next time, if we go somewhere with more favorable surf, I’ll go in deeper!

It was a lovely trip. I built a couple sand castles (we let D-zilla stomp those to bits), the boys dug a hole and we buried D up to his neck in the sand. He was surprisingly fine with that, and wanted to be buried again. In fact, the only part of the trip that wasn’t fun was a kid that decided he wanted to play with D. We never caught his name, and D kept calling him “Kid.” We’re used to D being a little over-bearing and bossy (though he stops when you point it out), but wow. This kid was worse. And we just couldn’t get him to go! So sadly, we had to pack up, because he was just the rudest kid I’ve ever met. (Which is quite rude- I worked for 5 years at Disneyland. That’s a lot of bratty kids)

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