July 13, 2010

@OldSpice guy, I salute you!

It’s no secret that one of my favorite ad campaigns as of late are the Isaiah Mustafa Old Spice ads. The banter is clever, it’s intriguing… and oh, that voice!

So far we’re up to four separate spots (I don’t know the actual names, but they are: “I’m on a horse”, Riding Backwards, Motorcycle in the Hot Tub, and Mustache), and just when I was concerned that this might lose steam, Old Spice guy has found a new way to win me over.

Today, he’s replying to comments, blog posts and tweets right on the internet. All posted at @OldSpice – he’s the man that my man could smell like. Each is hilarious and honestly… my enjoyment is as endless as his prop supply.

So OldSpice guy, I might not get any work done on my novel, but oh- I am enjoying today.

Here’s his reply to Alyssa Milano.

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