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August 26, 2010

Thursday already?

I just bought the oldest a backpack. He now thinks that school starts tomorrow. Guess I’ll be making a calendar shortly, so that we can count down to the first day (13 days)!

I also bought a catbed and some litter so that soon we can reintroduce our cat Zorro. When the youngest was diagnosed with allergies, he went to live with Jerad (my best friend). Now that the youngest is fine around cats, I can’t wait to bring him home- even though it means I’ll be head butted at night.

I am still obsessed with all things Scott Pilgrim. I know, I’ve mentioned this a couple times since it was released, but please go see it! If you’ve ever complained that studios don’t greenlight anything risky these days and that it’s impossible to adapt a unique piece to the screen- go see it! If you wind up not liking it, feel good knowing that you helped send the message that the masses want to see a bit more quirk at the megaplex.

Interesting links – From Orange County, a mother was asked to leave a the Orange Cost Plus for nursing her son, and a friend has organized a “nurse in”. Under CA law, a mother is entitled to breastfeed in public. As a mother who breastfed, I say, good for her! Why should we have to go to bathrooms (would you want to eat in a bathroom?) or cover up when it’s over 90 degrees? I know that older generations don’t get it- they were taught that breasts are bad and formula was the way. But there’s nothing bad about breasts (except for breast cancer).

In Columbus, OH, a man is mad at a local Toys R’ Us for carrying an action figure of Showtime’s Dexter. He says that it’s inappropriate for a store that sells Elmo and Barbie to carry a serial killer. Newsflash- little kids won’t know who Dexter is. Also, Toys R’ Us carried all the Spawn dolls, and fictional killer action figures- like the Pirates of the Caribbean figures, Batman and his assorted villains, and all the violent WWF/WWE wrestler dolls. Not to mention the Grand Theft Auto games. The store said that they stocked a limited number of dolls for collectors, and basically left it at that. The company who made it pointed out that Dexter’s a fictional serial killer, and there are plenty of those marketed to kids- theirs isn’t.

Which reminds me of this guy, All Star Ken. My aunt used to work for Mattel. As a kid, I got a lot of Barbies and Ken dolls from her- one of them was this guy. He came with weights, and spiffy articulation- he had elastic bands inside him so that you could pose him and the elastic would snap the joints back, so that it looked like he was exercising.

I’m not sure who thought that little girls would find that interesting (maybe he was an attempt to get boys involved?), but my sister and I thought he was pretty creepy. Worst of all, his body didn’t have molded on underwear. While that was perfectly acceptable for my Malibu Ken, it seemed creepy (and unsanitary) for All-Star Ken to run around without his underwear. This might be why in our soap opera-like gameplay, he was the abusive boyfriend, rapist or serial killer. No, we weren’t normal children- but we’re remarkably well adjusted.

I’m not sure whether or not I still have him in my collection of Barbie’s at my mom’s house. We might have actually kept him around for the sole purpose of being the villain.

And just to end this post with a laugh- I suppose it could have been worse, I could have had Sea Lovin’ Ken. I’m trying to figure out how this guy was ever released to the world at large (though not in the US).

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