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September 6, 2010

Well, that’s one less obsession.

As I blogged last week, I obsess over boots. I have way too many pairs of boots (someday I will take pictures to share). I am also obsessed with Scott Pilgrim vs The World (the movie- I haven’t finished the graphic novel series to become obsessed with that). More specifically: Envy Adams boots. After seeing the movie, I began Googling “red strappy gladiator heels” and kept looking and looking.

envy adams boots

Armed with only the above screencap from the music video of The Clash at Demonhead’s “Black Sheep” – I just kept searching.

This morning, I started my Google searches, egged on by TheBoy (one would think he’d tell me to stop buying boots, but no, he merely asks that I find sensibly priced boots). And I found them.

As suddenly as my obsession began, it was gone. With two little words and a price tag. “Givenchy style” at $250. The boots were knock offs of Givenchy boots from 2008, which is an eternity in the fashion world. The originals were $1800, and the knock-offs were still out of my price range. Even if I’d really really wanted them, I’m not sure that I’d be able to find them anywhere.

So there you have it- if you’re obsessed with a fashion item, keep Googling until you discover you couldn’t possibly afford it. And then find something else to obsess over.

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