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September 9, 2010

First day of school!

Oldest Kidlet puts on his backpack to go home.
That is what I was woken up with yesterday morning. Actually, that’s what I was woken up with a second time yesterday morning, because our cat (yes, we have a cat again- I’ll explain that in a moment) decided to wake me up at 3 am because his food bowl was empty.

Then, at 5:45 my oldest came in to tell me that it was his first day of school, and that he’d also wet his underwear. Amusingly enough, he’d only wet a little and as soon as I’d stripped him out of the wet clothes, he ran into the bathroom to pee. Well, I was amused. Once he was dressed, he watched some TV in my room while I got ready for the day.

I was concerned about his first day of school. Every mother is, right? We showed up- a little early, I admit. I was prepared for a really crowded parking lot and traffic, but it wasn’t (and there wasn’t). We were taken to his classroom, and met his teacher. While I signed him in, he hung up his backpack- something that made him very happy. Then he informed me that I could go.

So I took the little one and we went out to the car. No tears. I think he even skipped. We spent a lovely few hours, came back to pick up his brother- who was sad that school was already over.

Today, he wondered if he was going to school. Now I regret not putting him in school for five days a week. Not because it’d make him happy- but those few hours of calm were wonderful.

Now, the cat. Once upon a time, I rescued a kitten named Zorro. Actually, I was on the computer and heard mewing outside our apartment. I went outside and found a filthy flea covered kitten. I washed him, combed off the fleas (we already had a cat) and tried to see where he belonged. Nobody claimed him, and nobody from work wanted a kitten. Then TheBoy named him. So we had a second cat named Zorro.

Fast forward several years, and we moved into my in-laws with him. Only, our youngest son turned out to be allergic to cats, so Jerad took him in. Always meant to be temporary, as he wasn’t that allergic. When it was clear that the little one had outgrown his cat allergy, we brought him home.

I love Zorro. He’s a sweet cat- probably the friendliest cat you will ever meet. How friendly? I describe him as a cat who thinks he’s a dog. His one flaw is that he is affectionate around the clock, and is apparently a night-eater. So for the last few nights, I’ve been woken around 3 am by a cat who either wants more food or some love.

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