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September 11, 2010

Saturday Awesomeness.

I’m pleased to say that Jerad got to see Scott Pilgrim and gave it his seal of approval. If you haven’t seen it, please go. As a movie, it’s just well crafted from the bottom up (from sound design to fight choreography to casting to the script). With a reported budget of $60m, it’s probably about halfway to breaking even. If we, the awesome people of the internet, could get it a little closer towards even- it would help send the message to Universal that they were right. That it’s a great movie, and that they shouldn’t be afraid to take risks with unique films.

A neat gadget! Gizmodo might think it’s lame, but as a busy mom, I think that the Boil Buoy is a neat gadget. You set it in your pot of water you’ve set to boil, and when it comes to a boil, it shakes in the water making it chime.

Yes, you probably should be keeping an eye on water, but honestly- things happen. While I’m cooking, if I leave the kitchen, it isn’t to surf the internet (I do take the computer in with me). It’s because a kid in the next room has a diaper that needs changing, spilled something that needs to be cleaned up, or I have two children that are beating each other with train cars. I’m not about to turn off the pot of nearly boiling water to take care of that. An audible reminder that my water is boiling is quite welcome. This is actually available for pre-sale right now, so if you think it’s neat, buy one! It’s $9.99. (And no, I don’t get anything for it. I just think it’s neat)

I started a bunch of blog posts that never really went anywhere this week. Here’s what was on my mind that didn’t make the final cut:

Stop calling Keira Knightley anorexic. Keira was photographed shooting a new Coco Mademoiselle ad (at least I’m guessing that’s the what the Chanel ad was for) and it didn’t take long for commenters on E! Online to start talking about how she’s anorexic. She’s naturally thin. You can’t use Bend it Like Beckham as an example of how she wasn’t always this thin, because she was only 17. I was a little rounder when I was 17, too. She also has an ass. Not just hips. But an ass. That usually doesn’t happen when women are anorexic.

Can we just drop the geeks are pathetic jokes? Writer Ken Levine decided that the story about the faltering Japanese resort town of Atami targeting men who play the popular dating simulator game LovePlus+ by offering dating packages for them and their virtual girlfriend was just weird. Of course, this is Japan. Home of maid cafes, where you can pay maids to treat you nicely or treat you like dirt. Home of the host/hostess clubs where you pay someone to pretend to be your date. While yes, it is a little sad- at least the game rewards good behavior in dating, so when they do meet a real girl they’ll treat them respectfully. And hey, it’s keeping a dying resort town from going under. Win-win.

Levine also lost points by again slamming Comic-Con fans (it wasn’t all that funny the first time) and joking that he worries that somehow someone will confuse him for Bioshock creator Ken Levine and will think that he had something to do with the dating simulator games. I know it’s comedy- but that last joke was a stretch by any means. If anyone has to worry, it’s Bioshock’s Ken Levine who has to worry that someone will find that blog post and think that he wrote it.

Project Runway cracks me up. I think that Ivy is without a doubt the stupidest person they’ve ever had on the show. She might actually be so stupid she didn’t know that insulting someone to save her own hide was called “throwing them under the bus.”

There are a lot of worthwhile boycotts going on, including Target for donating money to a PAC that gave it to an ultra conservative and not gay friendly candidate. I can’t join in on that one, since it’s the only place I can get my son’s already expensive body wash. Which isn’t a preference- with his allergies, it’s literally the only one he can use. But I support you who are boycotting! Wish I could join you, but being a good mom comes first. But I am still boycotting Nestlé, Wal-Mart and Best Buy.

There. Now I can empty out my drafts folder. Phew!

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