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September 22, 2010

Midweek blahs.

Well, it was bound to happen. The oldest kidlet has started preschool, and he has a cold. He’s coughed his voice into oblivion- not because there’s a drip or anything, but because he starts trying to clear his throat, which irritates it and makes him cough more. So he clears his throat. Seriously, he seem to think that clearing his throat will stop the coughing.

So he has almost no voice right now, and I got him to take a nice long nap. We’ll be seeing how he’s doing tomorrow to see if he goes to school, stays home to rest, or stays home to go to the doctor.

I tried to get him to have some soup, but he refused. Silly picky eater. Soup will help!

Somehow I’m managing to keep it together. I know, a sick kid isn’t much. The youngest is coughing, and has a runny nose- but he’s fine, honestly. But since Monday, I’ve been battling a wicked migraine. It comes and goes in intensity, but it’s still back there… waiting.

I’m sure the moms at our school think that I think I’m too cool. With my big sunglasses that I wear even when it’s overcast. Sadly, it’s when it’s overcast that I have the hardest time. With the migraines I’m extremely photosensitive- and while there are somedays where it’s dark and overcast… the majority of overcast days here in Southern California are bright and overcast. So bright it’s almost like someone stuck a piece of paper in the sky.

Here’s to hoping we all make it out of the week in one piece! Someday I’ll share the tale about the pit o’ frosting and the awesome cake that accompanied it.

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