September 28, 2010

Quick little post

Just a quick post before we head out to start our day. I’m told it won’t be as hot as yesterday. Which would be welcome. It was horrible.

The Guardian had this lovely story: This is a news website article about a scientific paper. As someone who reads about science news on the internet, this is a fairly accurate send up of how they treat papers. And made me giggle to boot.

Today is picture day. I lamented over what my son would wear- he doesn’t have anything remotely “nice” in his clothes size right now. He just moved up a size and mostly we just have t-shirts and shorts. Then I realized, he’s in preschool! Who in their right mind dresses up a 4 year old boy for a school picture, especially when it’s supposed to be in the 90s today? So we’ll be rocking our nerd today, with an R2D2 t-shirt. (We don’t watch Star Wars that often, but he loves the Star Wars shirts I selfishly got to brainwash him into joining the Geek Side)

Last night I got the boys into bed early and watched a little TV. I finished Sunday’s Simpsons, and realized that I still had some summer series on my DVR. Now, the last few weeks have been so busy and stressed that I kept up with a couple shows and didn’t have much time for the rest. While I enjoyed the few Covert Affairs episodes I saw, I fell behind and never caught up on their season. Glad the show was renewed, but like other shows I adore (like In Plain Sight), I might just have to urge others with more free time to watch it.

Why am I bringing this up? I watched the season finale for Rizzoli & Isles. The episode was tense, with a standoff and ending with RIzzoli (Angie Harmon) shooting through herself to shoot the bad guy. Now, I knew the show had been renewed- which sort of takes the stress off of wondering if she’d survive. But TNT aired two separate promos during the finale that announced it was renewed for another season and would return next summer. I get that they want to build excitement- but a move like that from networks kills all the anticipation that the show has built up.

USA does it with Burn Notice- though really, you know that Michael Weston can’t die, because if he did, that’s the end of the show. TNT did it with Leverage at the end of last season. Though they showed clips from this current season, which sort of spoiled the tension built up by Nate being arrested.

Perhaps we can just do a end card ala James Bond? “Rizzoli & Isles will return” “To be continued” Is that so bad? It gives you the information without destroying the story.

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