October 8, 2010

Project Runway: About last night…

This blog post contains spoilers for last night’s episode, which I call The One Where They Make Clothes for Heidi. If you haven’t watched it yet, don’t click the link for the full post! Seriously. I don’t want to spoil it at all.

IVY. IS. CRAZY. For those who clicked on the link anyways, even though I warned you not to- this week’s challenge was to create a look for Heidi’s activewear line with New Balance. The winner’s look would be sold on Amazon.com. When Heidi toured the work room, she added another layer to the challenge and said she wanted two more looks- so they were bringing help. Which obviously meant they were bringing back former contestants. (Michael C realized that the whole room was filled with people who hated him and wished that they’d brought the mothers back to help)

So Ivy was back, and boy did she bring the bitter back with her. While she wasn’t paired with Michael C, she let him have it in the work room. It was sort of funny, since she accused him of cheating and sabotaging everyone. Who, asked Michael. Everyone, she said. I do love that they gave her interview room time, just so that she could prove she was utterly deluded.

But hands down, the best produced moment (at least the funniest) was Ivy in the interview room saying that she believed in karma and that Michael would get what was coming to him, followed by a cut to the sewing room where Ivy cried out in pain because something hit her in the face or eye.

Of course, I’m sure that Ivy only sat down in the interview room after the show to talk about karma because she was still mad. Moreso when Tim Gunn and the producers told everyone that if anything had happened (which seems unlikely given the number of crew that must be keeping an eye out for rule violations like that) that it was too late, since they were talking about a challenge from two weeks earlier. One that nobody had thought to mention when it was relevant, but only after the episode had ended.

Because of all of this, I have to say that I was proud of Gretchen for giving Michael C a pep talk. Whether it was just for the cameras or not, it was a nice moment. Ditto for Mondo pointing out that Ivy was just bitter because she was gone.

The one designer that I’m not sure I’ll look at the same was again is April. Who sat down and told Ivy that she was glad she said it. I’m going to chalk it up to her age, since April is still pretty young. But seriously? I know that she isn’t above talking about someone behind their back (she mocked Gretchen and the rest of Team Luxe), but she seemed pretty down to earth. Of course, I might care if she made something that wasn’t black once in awhile. I admit, half my wardrobe is black. I love it. But she’s a one-trick pony, that girl. I mean- her stuff was interesting, but it didn’t fit the challenge at all.

Oh, also- I think that another hilarious thing was that Ivy proclaimed that Michael will be embarrassed when he sees how he behaved. Because, of course, she’s going to be so proud of her behavior. I wonder what her mother’s going to say, though. Yikes.

Update: Ivy took to Twitter to say “For all the haters, thank you for the comments. BUT learn that if you believe everything you see on tv, you are foolish.” While yes, it’s true that producers can easily manipulate what we see… there’s no way that you Ivy’s delusions can be justified. At. All. They gave Irina a bitch edit in the LA season. Everyone admitted that after the season aired. But this? That’s cattiness that goes beyond competitiveness. After all, anyone else who behaved like that and accused someone of something- at least there was merit. If Michael had indeed sabotaged everyone there would have been footage. So really, I guess Ivy really is that deluded.

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