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October 11, 2010

Monday Geekiness: The Writer’s Strike and Comics

I am a geek. Seriously. I’ve been reading comic books off and on for ages, and have loved sci-fi/fantasy since I was tiny.

Comic Book Resources (CBR) posted an interview with Milo Ventimiglia where they asked him about Heroes (he was at last weekend’s New York Comic-Con). He says he was a realist, that eventually shows end. They asked him about the writer’s strike, and while I agree that the strike most affected the crews and to some extent, vendors… it bothered me that he said that writers “make a very nice living.” Actors, directors, and producers do- certainly. Head writers and people who’ve been in the business for ages? Yes. But let’s face it. There’s a lot of young blood out there that isn’t making what other writer’s make. I won’t use the term starving artists- but it might not be easy to make a great living from it.

I’ve had arguments with TheBoy about the Writer’s Strike. From his end, he was concerned that the strike was going to get him laid off if it wasn’t resolved. I see that. But as a writer, and someone who might want to get into writing films or shows, I could see where the WGA took offense. Their contracts did not compensate them for internet work. Internet is the future for viewing shows, and the networks have used their sites to air web-exclusive content or even put together clips to help draw in new viewers. Work which was being aired, the networks were making money off of… and writers weren’t being paid for. So yes, that was important- so that as the internet becomes more popular for viewing television, writers don’t get screwed out of compensation.

So for Milo, I’ll just say that it’s cute that he cares for the little guys, but not so cute that he didn’t seem to understand what the heck the strike was actually about.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve bought some graphic novels that I figured I’d share. I bought Agnes Quill, written by Dave Roman and illustrated by a slew of artists including Raina Telgemeier and Jen Wang (update: and Jeff Zornow and Jason Ho). It’s a good YA book, about the adventures of a teen girl in a mysterious city filled with ghosts, monsters and whatnot, who can talk to ghosts. It’s been on my list of things to check out for ages, since I’m a fan of Jen Wang’s work (and found Telgemeier and Roman through her promoting this work). I bought it when it was on sale- and now I wish I’d paid full price for it ages ago as soon as it came out so that I could have been plugging it all this time. I wish there were more volumes, though. (If you’re looking for more YA graphic novels, Raina Telgemeier’s Smile has been getting wonderful reviews, and her Baby Sitter Club comics are great as well)

My mom also bought TheBoy the full set of Scott Pilgrim graphic novels for his birthday, and I just finished reading them. Normally I would have read them all as soon as he got them, but that wouldn’t be fair. So instead I stealthily read them one at a time when he was at work and they weren’t. Now I see why fans said that the movie was entirely different, but still good. Totally enjoyable, and definitely what I loved about the movie- a story that’s about someone growing up and finding love. All sandwiched in a story filled with fight sequences. You don’t have to be a fan of the indie music scene, comic books, or video games for this one at all. It’s about growing up- something that everyone can relate to. Except perhaps Peter Pan.

Something I haven’t bought yet, but will be buying as soon as I’m finished buying birthday presents, mattresses and safety rails… is Jen Wang’s Koko Be Good. That’s another story about growing up, and it’s getting some lovely reviews. Though truthfully, I’d be buying it just for the art even if someone said the story was crap. Which, given her past work (including the unfinished and now unavailable webcomic Strings of Fate) is highly unlikely. She’s a skilled storyteller and an amazing artist.

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