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November 4, 2010

This was Halloween.

This is a tale of half-hearted Halloweens and cat pee.

My kids are at that stage where they’re just starting to get Halloween. The little one is a little scare of decorations, but the older one is embracing all of that. We’d had big plans for the weekend. We were going to a family Halloween party on Saturday night (which is pretty big- they get one of the cousins to DJ and there are decorations and games), but TheBoy was exhausted from a long work week. It seemed pretty silly to drag two already cranky boys out, as well as a sleepy husband just so that I could have a little fun, and suicidal for me to attempt it by myself. So we stayed in.

Sunday rolled around, and TheBoy was at work. We didn’t plan on doing a lot of trick or treating- just a few houses. The kidlets got dressed up to go visit their great grandparents (taken by my in-laws, because I had some cat pee to clean up. More on that later). They came back, and the little one started to melt down. Epically. We’re talking screaming, tears, and multiple attempts to flee the house. It was so bad we had to lock the deadbolt that only takes a key so that he couldn’t leave. I took a few pictures, realizing that odds were now good that this was the extent of their Halloween, so I should document it for all posterity. Enjoy my favorite.

Then the little one fell asleep. He woke up when we tried to get his costume off him, and he and his brother asked if they could play outside. Desperate to kill time until trick or treating, I said yes.

The sun went down, the costumes went back on- and TheBoy and I took them out the door, intending to go to a few houses. The little kidlet ran straight for the car door, pulling on the door handle. “OPEN DOOR,” the Green Knight shouted. We told him that we were just going to walk next door, and he panicked, and started to cry. “NOOOOO,” the Green Knight wailed.

Finally, the Green Knight turned, held out his sword and charged the front door, wailing “NOOOOOO.” (TheBoy and I agreed that that was probably the moment we’ll remember about this Halloween. It was just pretty funny) So we were left with the Oldest Kidlet (the Purple Knight) who watched his brother melt down, and once it was all over looked at me and said, “Now can we go trick or treating?”

We walked next door, and as we walked up, the Purple Knight saw the cobweb stretched over the porch and started to slow down. I urged him on and bravely he walked up to the front door, practicing saying “Trick or Treat” over and over again. We rang the doorbell and it opened…

“I can’t say it!” He told me. So I said it, and we collected his candy and made some small talk. Leaving the house, I asked him if he wanted to go home. “No. One more house.”

So we walked two doors down to where there was a lit porch, a dummy with a pumpkin head (the next day I saw it in daylight and realized the dummy was a Ghostbuster). Again, he started to slow down. He refused to say “trick or treat” and the woman asked if it was his first year. I said it was, she gave us a little extra candy.

As we walked away, the Purple Knight looked up at me and said, “That was two houses, lets go home!”

So we walked back to the house, where we saw the little guy (still in his costume), sitting on the edge of the couch with his feet propped up on the coffee table. Apparently, he’d just been happy to watch a movie and say hello to everyone who came to the door.

That was our Halloween. (Of course, after we came home, I let the oldest one pick out a piece of candy to have and got them ready for bed. We handed out candy until 9 and then turned off the lights and went upstairs)

Now, the cat pee. When we first moved in here, we brought our cat with us. A delightfully stupid cat named Zorro. Who, when we’d had another cat, was not the dominant cat. He claimed the dominant cat spot in this house, and surprised us all with his reign of terror. A reign of terror that was put to a halt when we discovered that the Little Kidlet was allergic to cats. So he went to live with my good friend Jerad.

Well, he outgrew the allergies, and we brought Z back! So the dominance wars have begun again. Unlike the first round which was mostly hissing and catfights- this has mostly been a passive agressive war of peeing. My favorite pair of boots were the first casualty, and on Halloween I found myself cleaning up a puddle behind the entertainment center. I can’t wait until this gets sorted out. I am sick of cat pee. We haven’t had any issues since Sunday, so lets hope it stays that way. (And yes, I am aware that it’s also a sign of illness, but they’re definitely marking territory)

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