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November 10, 2010

How rude!

Yesterday, I mentioned that I’m going through a bit of a trying time with the Little Kidlet. It’s a little like Jekyll and Hyde- he’s mild mannered Mister Mister or the screaming, limp bodied Mister Monster (nickname courtesy of TheBoy).

My back, which was injured during my tenure at Disneyland and has never quite gotten back to 100%, is already sore from his new trick of going limp when he doesn’t want to go somewhere. So today, we started to walk through the parking lot at school and when I asked him to give me my hand… he started crawling. I scooped him up and carried him kicking and screaming across the lot and set him down when we were at the sidewalk, and he resumed crawling. Of course, as the preschool starts a half hour after the rest of the school, there were plenty of parents around to watch me try to deal with the crawling child.

The Oldest Kidlet, meanwhile, just wanted to get to class and was pleading with his brother to walk.

The usually short walk to preschool took about 6 times longer than it should. I’d pick him up and carry him as far as he could, set him down to have him start crawling again.

Most of the moms understood, and at least showed pity. A few told me that his age is tough, a few touched my shoulder sympathetically. And others might not have said anything, but they opened the gates for me and doors while I carried the kidlet.

It’s not uncommon for some kids to be dropped off by their grandparents, and there was a little boy about LK’s age who was being taken by his grandmother. Who for some reason, decided it was appropriate to point and laugh. Not just once or twice… but each of the four times we saw her.

I’m used to quiet judging. There are the moms who look at our Saturn and sneer as they get into their luxury SUVs. There are the moms in their nice workout clothes who look down their noses at me in my boots and skinny jeans. But I can take that. Pointing and laughing? I’m not sure there’s a culture where that’s socially acceptable at all.

For what it’s worth, I outsmarted him on the way back. I realized that he would run (which we could easily do since most everyone was leaving the school, not walking in), and so I had him run to each gate we have to pass to leave the preschool. We got in the car, though, and I melted down. I cried, utterly humiliated by this ridiculously rude woman.

I thought about not sharing this, but it seemed wrong not to. No matter what our ethnic background, we should be a little understanding about other caregivers. Raising kids is hard, and sometimes we all just need a little support- whether it’s a door opened for a mom with full arms or just a little reassuring that it’s just a phase. But I can assure you that the last thing that anyone needs is to be laughed at.

Want to tell me to grow up? Have a story to share to make me feel better? Comments always welcome!

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