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December 3, 2010

End of the week wrap-up.

It’s been a busy week, internet. What have I neglected to tell you? I got a minivan last weekend, and am shocked to say that I love it. It’s wonderful having my own car and I get to use the built in bluetooth to make myself laugh.

How so? We’ve already established that I’m a geek, right? Well, back when I was pregnant with the Oldest Kidlet I called my mom all the time, and burned through all of her minutes one month since we’re on different providers.

Image from Millionaire Playboy
Image from Millionaire Playboy
My dad’s solution was simple- they just added a new line to their phone and got me a dedicated phone to use to call them. We dubbed it The Batphone. My mom even bought me a red cover for it! My dad made sure it was loaded with the Batman theme. So when I saw it had voice dialing, I decided to take it to the next level. Everyone from my family was entered into the phone book with a Batman name. My mom, naturally, is Commissioner Gordon. My father, The Joker. My sister was briefly Batgirl, but objected, so she’s now obscure villainess the Black Widow. My husband? Well, since he’s the one who keeps my life in order… he’s Alfred.

I thought a lot of people would just roll their eyes, but surprisingly, most people laugh when they hear me shout into my headset that I want my phone to “Name dial Commissioner Gordon on Mobile.” I’m sharing this story, btw, to lead into two anecdotes. The first is that the phone system in the car pronounces Commissioner as Co-miss-ee-ohh-ner, which makes me laugh when it’s repeating it. The second is that the Little Kidlet likes to repeat things people say. Usually he just repeats dialogue from movies and TV shows as they’re playing, but in the car, as soon as I say Commissioner Gordon, I hear a tiny little echo from behind me. And it makes me smile.

The Oldest Kidlet is busy preparing for the preschool’s Christmas program (and it is Christmas, since he goes to a Lutheran school). I ask him what they did that day, and he says “we sang in chapel.” We were on our way out at the same time as a girl in his class, and she was busy telling her mom that they get to pretend to be camels. But my son won’t confirm that he’s a camel, so maybe I’ll just have to ask the girl what they’re doing from now on.

The Littlest Kidlet has been talking a little more this week. Each night he takes about 5 minutes to select the perfect toys to take up to bed. If you tell him he needs to go, he’ll turn and tap the side of his head and say “I’m thinking” or he points and says “I’m looking.” Today took the cake. He walked up to me, and whining, said “I’m whining.” I have a feeling that by the age of 4 he’ll just tell me that he’s meta.

I’m working on two posts tonight that should go up tomorrow and on Monday. One is on Steve Martin and the Y, and the other is about an advice column I read this week. But that’s the week! Not mentioned was a meltdown from this morning and a migraine that delayed me yesterday.

One last thing: I had the best mispelling of my name yet on a Starbucks cup. Wytnee. The barista started to go with Wi, then went for the Wy combo. This replaces Vitney as my favorite. Honestly, before Starbucks, I never thought I had a difficult name to spell.