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January 14, 2011

To those who fear change…

To those who fear change,

Why do new things scare you so? Do you lack the spirit of an adventurer? Or are you simply afraid that a life that doesn’t change means bad things won’t happen to you?

Not all changes in life are bad. Change brings wonderful things like marriage and children. Change brings the new seasons- changing a dark cold winter into a gentle spring. Or the hot summer to a mild fall. Change gives us the chance to wipe the slate clean and start anew- whether it’s learning something new, losing weight, or simply making a new friend.

Can’t we agree that change is what life is about?

I’m glad you agree. Now can we all stop bitching about the new profile on Facebook? Kthxbai!!


PS, which is really more of how you can learn to love the new profile*: Honestly, I might not like Facebook’s practice of shoving new features onto the masses- but as far as changes go, it’s not terribly difficult to figure out. Want to send a friend a message? There’s a button in the top right corner, along with a poke button. Want to post on their wall? That’s right where you’d normally start a status in the newsfeed, in the center of the window under the photos.

Want to see mutual friends and interests? It’s all on the upper right, in one convenient spot. Nifty.

Don’t like the tagged pictures that show up on your profile? You can click an X on them, and it’ll drop away. (Under privacy, you can also make sure that only your good friends can see tagged pictures of you, to prevent drinking buddies from sharing any pictures that might get you in trouble with your boss)

I will agree that they sort of buried where a person’s videos wound up, but even that’s fairly simple. Just click on your friend’s photos and you’ll see a link that mentions viewing all videos.

*No, I wasn’t paid to schill for Facebook. But if a website changing their layout freaks you out… I hope you can handle the bigger ups and downs of life.

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