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February 25, 2011

Date Night

As I’ve said, I am fortunate to live with my in-laws. First, we get along. I’m not making this up simply because they can read this blog. It’s the truth. They welcomed me into their arms when I was their son’s first girlfriend and have never been anything but wonderful.

Anyhow, the advantage of living with my in-laws is that if schedules line up… I have a babysitter available. My mother in law offered to watch the kids on Sunday night, and we jumped at the chance. We decided that we wanted dinner, and I felt like having burgers.

We decided to give Five Guys Burgers a try. It’s relatively new in SoCal, and not exactly somewhere we can take the Little Kidlet (since they serve peanuts in open containers). I’d heard that sometimes the wait can be long, depending on when you get there (since it’s the same way at In-n-Out), but we apparently timed it well. We didn’t have to fight for a table, and our food was ready quickly.

They give it to you in a big greasy paper bag. I’d like to thank my friends who told us split an order of fries- the smaller size was plenty for the two of us. Don’t let the cup they put the fries in fool you, they tend to add plenty extra. We each got the Tiny (single patty) cheeseburgers- okay, I got a bacon cheeseburger, and dug in.

I’m not sure if it was the hype, or what, but it just didn’t live up to what I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great burger, and certainly a million times better than what you can get at McDonalds or Burger King. But I didn’t feel like the beef itself was as flavorful as either In-n-Out or Fatburger (which are my two favorite fast food burgers). We’ll definitely go back- we had a great experience… but boy, this was a prime example of how hype can backfire.

Neat notes- they had a board which mentioned where their potatoes came from, which certainly was a nice reminder that the fries (like In-N-Out) are cut fresh.

Since getting burgers barely took up any time, we were trying to figure out what to do with the rest of our night. On the way to Five Guys, we’d passed a miniature golf course and I suggested we play- even though it was probably 55 degrees out. Which we did! And just like that, it went from a night out to a date night.

Back when TheBoy and I had first dated, he’d taken me a miniature golf course. I was unbelievably competitive, and while it was a fun date- I still remember with sadness that I lost. This time, it was probably what that first date should have been. We were simply enjoying the experience.

We were behind a large group of people- 6, to be exact. While this shouldn’t have been too bad, none of them seemed to be remotely good at playing miniature golf. I admit, I’m not so shabby at it. There was a miniature golf course in the town I grew up in, and usually any reward you’d get at school would be a free round of golf. And since I was usually on the honor roll and had perfect attendance, I got a lot of them. Also, other than the roller rink (which I knew the owners of), there really wasn’t much to do in town.

We had plenty of time to chat, hold hands, and do all the things that you don’t get to do after kids come into your lives. Don’t get me wrong, our dinner dates are wonderful- and we talk about everything on them. But this had that magic feeling that those early dates did, coupled with the comfort that you get from knowing someone so well. We had inside jokes to make this time, and there was nothing to prove.

The night ended with hot chocolate. Not a bad way to cap off the night, is it?

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