April 4, 2011

Who am I, and why American Whitney?

Hi people. I’ve had a bit of an uptick in readers lately, so I thought it might be time to talk a little about who I am and what this blog is about.

I’m Whitney. I’m a 31 year old writer (unpublished, natch), married, and the mother of two boys, 3 and 5. Once upon a time, I worked at Disneyland. It was one of the most awesome jobs you could have, and one of the most frustrating ones as well. But well worth it. (At the very least, I got a husband out of it)

This blog is about me. My life and my interests. I’m a comic book fan, pop culture junkie, and all around geek. I used to play video games (I just don’t have the time for it, otherwise I still would be), I ran a SWRPG online with some of my best friends for years and years off and on. I’m a feminist, and I’m not afraid to talk about politics- though I do try to be respectful. I ask my kids to respect others, and I try my best to do the same here.

And of course, I have two boys. So there’s a lot about parenting, things I realize about gender roles and kids, and even how being a parent has changed how I view the geek world at large.

Now… why American Whitney? I was a big fan of the Guess Who as a kid. When I was searching for a name for my blog, I was goofing off on the phone with my mom and started singing American Woman, but inserted my name instead. We laughed so hard that it just sort of seemed right for the name. Listen what I say, indeed.