June 12, 2011

Well, Twitter, that just happened.

The following contains MASSIVE spoilers for “A Good Man Goes To War”, the mid-season finale for Doctor Who.

Here is your River Song warning, sweeties. Spoilers! For those reading along in an RSS reader, I’m throwing in a flying TARDIS to keep you from being spoiled unless you want to.

Well, we learned that River Song is Amy and Rory’s stolen daughter Melody. I won’t go into how much I loved it, because you might not. But it did lead to a very interesting conversation on Twitter.

Update: Neil Gaiman replied back to Steven with “We did, didn’t we?

So there you have it. Figured my Whovian friends would get a laugh. (I should note that I had to copy/paste Neil Gaiman’s ladder tweet into the conversation. Because he replied to Steven Moffat first, it didn’t thread into the convo – the actual time it posted was nearly identical)

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