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July 5, 2011

Getting caught up.

I suppose I’m glad I didn’t try to set up affiliate accounts with Amazon or Overstock. Because California wants to collect sales tax from Amazon (which, btw, they could have done ages ago), both companies severed their affiliates program. Which is a shame. Apparently people were making decent livings off of those!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, which seems odd to say now that it’s summer. But it’s been busy.

As I think we mentioned, earlier this year we bought annual passes to Disneyland. So when we get the chance, we head off to The Park. We hadn’t gone in awhile, so we headed off. I’m not sure why we weren’t anticipating this, but the trip itself wasn’t so great. We’d had so many wonderful trips recently with kids who took turns picking rides, not fussing about where we ate… that we just weren’t prepared for two kids who decided to meltdown at the drop of a hat.

I’m sharing this for those who enjoy schadenfreude as well as for parents of little kids who need to know that they aren’t alone. We were discussing rides to go on, and after we’d decided to go across the park to ride the Big Boats (er, the Columbia and Mark Twain) I suggest we take the train around. It’s the train, my kids’ collective favorite. Nope. Mentioning the train was enough to make my oldest start wailing and screeching about how he wanted to walk. We resolved that with a snack, and things were fine for awhile. Then we went to the Pirates Lair (formerly Tom Sawyer’s Island). We had fun… up until it was time to leave.

Both of them decided that they were not going to leave and plopped down on the ground screaming. Probably the worst public tantrums we’ve ever had. And the worst part was that we had to wait for a raft off the island while they were flipping out. People were unbelievably kind (leading me to believe that most of the parents there had been there before, and that well, they could see we were trying our best).

That isn’t to say that we didn’t have there weren’t a majority of wonderful moments. I took the Little Kidlet on the Columbia (a replica Tall Ship) and he was convinced he was a member of the crew. He took his spot at the helm, manned the bilge pumps and rang the bell. Considering how much I love sailing ships and the Age of Sail, it was wonderful to see that he loves it just as much as me.

Earlier in the day, we saw Peter Pan in the Park. We were just outside the castle, sitting on a bench near the walkway that leads to Snow White’s Grotto and had already seen a couple princesses walk by. The Oldest Kidlet decided that they must have been visiting Sleeping Beauty for tea. We were just talking about Pixie Hollow and pixie dust, and Peter Pan, when… Peter Pan came running towards us, leaping over a bench. If he was able to do parkour, I have a feeling he would have. On his way, he saw a woman in her 20’s wearing a Peter Pan hat and ran up behind her, grabbed her shoulders and shouted, “I like your hat!” Then he was off sprinting towards Fantasyland. The woman jumped a good few feet, and the kidlets, TheBoy and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Looking back on it, TheBoy and I could see the things we missed. The little cues that excited kidlets were hungry and tired. While it made for a difficult day, it’ll certainly help stop future trips from ending in tears. (We did leave after the Pirate Lair meltdowns)

Proof that we actually did have a nice time

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