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July 21, 2011

The Things We Say.

I’m still not entirely sure how the game started. I think my youngest was hanging onto my arm and I jokingly said “Just hold on, I’ll pull you to safety.” It snowballed into a game where he’d sit on the floor and hold onto my hand, slip from my grip and quietly scream as he apparently fell.

The Oldest Kidlet watched us play and immediately described it as the game where you fall off a cliff. Oops.

My boys play the game with each other now, in the car, at home… and I’d be more disturbed by what I started if it didn’t keep them happily occupied.

Yesterday I was feeling the beginning of a headache creep in as we were on our way home from school. The boys were loudly playing the game, and that’s when I said it. “Could you two die more quietly?”

My oldest said, “What?”

“Um,” I said, embarrassed, “Could you two fall off the cliff quietly?”

Not much better. But oh, well.

This I add to the long list of bizarre things I’ve said as a parent. Reminders that little brothers aren’t dogs and won’t fetch toys, or that little brothers aren’t ponies. Or that no matter how loud your brother was yelling in your ear, you don’t hit him with a wooden train.

We’re reaching a milestone, though. Tomorrow is the Oldest Kidlet’s last day of preschool. We’ve been reminding him that he’ll be starting kindergarten at a new school. He was worried about not having any friends, which had me start to be upset- sometime soon I’ll post about my own anxiety issues. I pointed out that everyone at the kindergarten would be just starting at that school so he wouldn’t be the only one who didn’t know anyone, and that made him feel fine. I also explained that all his friends at preschool were going to different schools anyways.

Where does the time go?

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