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July 26, 2011

Anniversaries and Such

Sunday was my anniversary. Seven years ago, I married a wonderful man. It still seems like yesterday.

Since our trip to Las Vegas (more on that soon, I promise) was for our anniversary, we weren’t really going to go out to dinner or anything big. Instead, we decided to take the kidlets to the beach- something that the Oldest Kidlet has been asking to do more of the summer.

Living in Southern California, we’ve taken the boys to the beach every summer since the Little Kidlet could walk. The first year we took the boys to the beach, the Oldest Kidlet walked up to where the beach began to slope downward to the waterline, and ran right back to me. “It’s too loud,” he said about the waves crashing. The second year, he didn’t even bother to leave our blanket, asking us to bring him water to help build a sandcastle.

There was something different about him yesterday morning. We surprised them with the trip to the beach, just like we surprise them with trips to Disneyland or anywhere else that we’ll have to pack for. From the start, he was determined to go in the water. He told me so all the way to the beach, though it’s not unheard of for him to change his mind at the last minute. We’re so used to this that TheBoy didn’t even put on his swim trunks. The little one prefers his water in a bathtub, so it wasn’t likely he’d want to go in either.

The first attempt began not long after setting up our blanket and chairs. My son walked down to where the sand starts to become damp, turned and ran right back to me. This happened a few more times. Then he convinced his little brother to go (not a hard feat to do- all you have to do is say “Come on Little Kidlet, let’s” and finish it with whatever you want to do). They walked right to the point where the beach slopes to the water, and while the little one ran back to me, he walked straight into the water and turned. He might have been a good 30 feet away, but the look of pure joy on his face was unmistakable.

They came back, and he was breathlessly excited. He told me all about jumping in the waves, and swallowing salt water. He rested on our blanket, wrapped in a towel, but you could see in his eyes that he wanted nothing more to be back in the surf. TheBoy napped while the boys dug holes in the sand, and as soon as the Oldest Kidlet was bored, he woke up his father and dragged him back down to the shore.

The Little Kidlet tried to go down, but mostly refused to walk back to the blanket when he decided not to go to the water. So I’d have to rush towards him, scoop him up and carry him back. We passed the time by building giant mounds of sand, and using what little wet sand I had to make a small sand castle. An hour later, I was able to get TheBoy’s attention and brought he and the Oldest Kidlet back to our blanket. They had no idea it’d been that long.

All the Oldest Kidlet could do was gush about how much fun the beach had been (after the lengthy nap he began in the car, that is). Even as I was herding him upstairs towards bed, I could see it in his eyes. He’d rather be dancing in the surf.

Note: Previous trips to the beach, we were harassed by the people selling beach toys, and had one of their kids refuse to leave our kids alone the last time (he wasn’t a mean kid, just bossy and rude). We expected it this time, but the biggest nuisance came from the Scientologists that were giving our free audits next to the pier. Seriously. I meant to get a picture on the way back to the car, but my arms were full.

(This post is an edit of a piece I’d written for @The3six5 as a backup post Sunday night. They didn’t use it then, but posted it naturally… today. So if you see it again, now you know why)

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