September 27, 2011

Tuesday, and my brain is everywhere.

I finally got my Pottermore email. So far I’m loving what I’m seeing. I had a blast shopping on Diagon Alley- I bought a tabby cat for my pet. For those who are surprised- my first cat was named Griffin. He was a sweet little tabby. Well, sweet to me. He sort of hated anyone he thought was a threat to me, and tolerated both TheBoy and Jerad because they were close to me) My wand is an 11 inch Aspen, Unicorn Hair, unbending wand. Which apparently means I’m stubborn and compensating for being short. But that I’m rather unlikely to fall to the Dark Arts.

Also, I’m in Slytherin. As I should be.

I haven’t had a chance to do much more- like add people, since the site keeps going down. I am a little tired of seeing this:
Due to high levels of demand, we are currently restricting access to Pottermore.  Please come back later and try again.

Elsewhere in my life, we’ve started to settle into a routine. I drop the boys off at their schools, run any errands I might need to, and then come home to try to write (or in the case of today, to try to get myself sorted in Pottermore). Then I pick up the Little Kidlet from preschool, we come home and have lunch. Then after a little while it’s off to pick up his big brother from kindergarten, and then we come home, tackle homework and enjoy the afternoon.

Right now, where I’m enjoying some alone time upstairs. By myself. Oh right, that’s the definition of alone time, isn’t it? Well, TheBoy has been wonderful in trying to give me a bit of a breather. While today has been a pretty straightforward day, it’s always good to be able to catch my breath in case tonight winds up being a long night.

One last thing to leave you with – a 7 year old’s thoughts on DC’s “New” Starfire. If you’re unfamiliar with this issue- Starfire, a character who has been extremely popular in her tween incarnation on the “Teen Titans” animated series, as well as popular as a teen/adult in the DC Universe (DCU) was introduced in the reboot in “Red Hood and the Outlaws”. Only instead of the alien who was very much into love in all forms, she’s now about emotionless amnesiac sex- and striking cheesecake poses for nobody in particular. Lots of people are not happy- since even DC was saying that female fans should be happy because while not all their female superheroes were going to make it into the new DCU, favorites like Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Batwoman, Zatanna and Starfire would.

I should point out that I’m much more upset about this than I am about the Catwoman debacle (where Catwoman and Batman had sex in a rather fanfic-type panel in the book). My biggest issue with Catwoman is that she was still wearing most of the catsuit and supposedly having sex… and that’s just not humanly possible. Do I think they should have had it in the first issue? No. Have I long assumed that they were sneaking off for rooftop sex? Yeah.

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