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October 5, 2011

Power Outages and Mayorships

It’s raining here in SoCal- the first real rainstorm of fall/winter, and a welcome change from 80-90 degree heat. I drove the kids to school, through throngs of drivers who tried to go the speed limit or higher on slick roads with not so great visibility- and a bunch of drivers that insisted on driving without any lights on. I survived, obviously.

Now, not that long ago I was ousted as the mayor of our local Fresh & Easy on Foursquare. Since I was hungry on the way home and didn’t feel like cooking, I stopped in to pick up some chicken salad. I checked in and I snagged that mayorship back.

I got home, discovered that our power was out and did what anyone would do. I checked Twitter while I loaded the fiction I’ve been working on up on my laptop. That’s when I saw… this (sorry, I compiled it Twitter style, so you have to read it from the bottom up).

Finally. A worthy opponent.

The power is back on (obviously, since I’m updating here- it’s just too hard to edit pictures on my phone), but I have to say that the hour and a half I was without power, I was unbelievably productive. Guess I need to just shut off my net access more often.

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