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November 7, 2011

A past, vanishing.

A friend of mine posted on my wall on Facebook to ask me the name of the venue I got married at- a cool little Art Deco building in Orange County that had a ballroom, which my mom transformed into an amazing 1930s type wedding.

So I remembered the name and started to Google it. There wasn’t an official site any more. Just a bunch of review pages and venue listings… and then a Yelp! page had a note added that the place was closed.

Honestly, I’m not surprised that it shut down. It was an old building which had been refurbished into an events hall- something that had to have taken a lot of money. And aside from my wedding, I never really saw it pop up anywhere- not with local fundraisers. Not a great sign. But it was a lovely building, and something that I will never forget.

This was the ballroom- the room where we were married as well as had the reception. While they reset the room, my guests were whisked away to a lounge for drinks. There was a small theater on one of the levels, as well as a restaurant. The upper floor was used as the holding area for the bridal party, the groom had a groom’s suite (with TV and leather chairs, if I remember right) on the main floor. You could access any of the floors by stairs, or an old fashioned elevator with an elevator man. I should probably blog about my wedding at some point in time- because it was utterly perfect. (If you can see, each of the tables were named after various nightclubs- the cards served as the guestbook, and my mom collected them all in a book for TheBoy and I)

Update: When I started to do a little more digging, I found that the building has been bought by the Church of Scientology, but they seem to not have enough money to do anything with it.

Weirdly, this isn’t the first important location in my life to have vanished. TheBoy proposed to me in the pit area at Fantasyland Autopia- which is now a combination of smoking area and the “offroad” portion of Tomorrowland Autopia.

To reminisce about a truly magic moment in my life, I have to either fill my lungs with cigarette smoke, or fumes from the Autopia cars. Fun times.

Experience something similar? I expected this to happen as I got a few decades older, not when I was in my early 30’s!

Day 7 of NaBloPoMo

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