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November 13, 2011

Checking in

I’m finally getting my day off. I felt lousy this morning and discovered I had a 100.8 fever. So it’s just me, a bag of chips and a Criminal Minds marathon- which means, I’d like some reassurance that human beings are actually decent.

The Little Kidlet is doing well. He still has a fever off and on, but you would never know he has bronchitis- he’s been dancing, playing, and just as stubborn as ever.

Last night, TheBoy and I went out for dinner. After surveying our options, we decided to go to PF Changs- since they accommodate gluten-free diners, and I haven’t had Chinese food in the last 7 months. But we live in the center of PF Changs, so we had to pick one. We chose one near Disneyland, thinking that we could sneak into the park after dinner.

But there was an hour wait at PF Changs, and I was starving. I tend to Hulk out when I’m hungry, too. WHITNEY SMASH! WHITNEY TAKE EVERYTHING PERSONALLY.

To make sure that I didn’t completely Hulk out, we went to a nearby Indian restaurant. And had a lovely dinner (though I ate too much). Indian food is actually a pretty safe bed for those with gluten problems. So long as you stay away from the appetizers and naan, the main courses are usually safe- curries aren’t thickened with flour in a good restaurant. Of course, there’s usually cream in most of the curries- so if you’re sensitive to that, take it into consideration.

I apologize for the free thought feel of this. While the fever’s gone now, I still have a bit of a foggy brain. Hopefully tomorrow things will be back to normal. Well, as normal as my life gets!

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