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November 21, 2011


As in, it’s almost 8pm and I completely forgot about writing a blog post today.

It was a rough weekend. It’s been the first weekend where the boys had no chance to go outside. It was too cold on Saturday and rained on Sunday. So by the end, I had two whiny little boys.

Every night, we have a regular routine. We come up to bed, I read them a book and they go to sleep. Oh, I also turn out the light in their room. Only I forgot to turn out the light.

Saturday night, I was informed by my brother in law that the light was on (I’m still not sure why he didn’t turn it off). So I went upstairs, and opened the door. The Little Kidlet was fast asleep. His brother on the other hand, was laying in bed with his head propped up in his chin. “Mommy,” he said icily. “You forgot about the light.”

I turned it off and went back down to watch TV with TheBoy.

Last night, I walked downstairs to spend more time with TheBoy before he had to go in to work (he works overnights as well as weekend overtime). I heard sobbing from upstairs and went to the stairs. There was the Oldest Kidlet, tired beyond belief, sobbing because I’d forgotten to turn off the light again. I turned off the light, and as I sat down on the couch to watch The Simpsons (episode: The Book Job, highly recommended for both fans of the Simpsons and avid readers) I realized that he’d been so tired he hadn’t realized he could have turned it off himself!

So there you have it. I’m a forgetful person, though mostly if it’s because I’m looking forward to seeing my husband. The truth is, I wouldn’t want him to change his schedule. He gets to spend a lot more time with the kids than the average dad does, and weirdly I get a lot of privacy for writing.

For those concerned, I did remember to turn off the light. As I walked out of the room, my oldest said, “I’m so glad you remembered. Three days in a row would be too much.”

Gee, thanks kid.

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