February 6, 2012

Super? More like Meh.

As did most of the US, I watched the Super Bowl. Admittedly, I didn’t pay much attention to the game itself. It was my job to provide our small party with the snacks, so I was putting food in and out of the oven. And watching the ads. After all, I did work in advertising.

While the end of the game was a nailbiter, I seem to recall more moments that left me wondering if teams were giving it their all.

The ads were a bit underwhelming. While there were a few that were memorable (Hyundai’s Rocky spot, the Camaro spot, VW, Matthew’s Day Off, and the Bud Light Weego spot…), there were a lot that were tedious (GoDaddy’s spots, the tax spot about peeing the pool, the Bud Light Platinum ads. Even Audi’s Vampire spot went on MUCH too long).

Of course, all anyone is going to talk about is the fact that MIA flipped off the camera. It was for a split second, but like Janet Jackson’s barely visible nipple… I’m sure we’ll hear about it for awhile longer.

Photo by the EPA, snagged from the LA Times article. Fair use.

The halftime show was pretty good. I admit that I was a little disappointed in a few elements. Mostly that Madonna seems to not realize that she’s 53 years old. This isn’t a knock about women looking gorgeous as they age- the opposite. I find that there are plenty of women who age naturally and look amazing. But Madonna’s had so many facial fillers done that her face looks bloated. (If you’d like to see some amazing special effects, look at the music video for Give Me All Your Lovin. They erased a good 20 years off her face.) Honestly, I wouldn’t have said a darn thing about Madonna pretending she’s still 30 if it weren’t for the fact that she tried her hand at shuffling with LMFAO and wound up looking like the mom chaperoning a school dance that tries to pull off one of the dance moves the kids are doing… and looks like a spaz. Sorry, Madge. It just didn’t work.

I was also a little disappointed that other than singing Express Yourself and Like a Prayer, Madonna’s earlier numbers (Vogue and Music) were lipsynchs straight from the albums. I don’t expect a performer like Madonna to sing live. She has a lot of choreography, and it’s impossible for anyone to really carry on a tune when they’re doing cartwheels. I’d just thought that she would have at least taken a little time to give the illusion that some of it was fresh.

But she does put on one heck of a show. I own the video of her Confessions on the Dance Floor tour, and it was amazing! So maybe I just expect more from her.

Back to MIA. In the grand scheme of things, it was a split second of someone flipping off the audience- I was watching her and didn’t even notice it. It wasn’t classy, but it also isn’t the end of the world at all.

I find the media coverage amusing. They keep saying it appeared she said “I don’t give a shit.” (Though naturally they don’t actually swear on television) This is amusing to me because if you actually listen to the song, that’s what she says! Though it was the “Clean” version in the Super Bowl, where she says “Sh” instead of the actual word. But naturally the news makes it sound like she was deviating from what she was lip synching.

So to the news, grow up and ignore the PTC (Parent’s Television Council), who complain about absolutely anything on television. To the NFL, if you want the kids to watch, you’re going to have to accept that something crazy might happen. Frankly, I find MIA flipping the bird a lot less bothersome than GoDaddy continuing to objectify women to sell web services (H&M gets a pass with the underwear clad David Beckham because it was a spot selling underwear). I just hope that this won’t mean more halftimes with aging rock stars because they’re afraid of what younger artists might do.

Edited to add: I forgot to mention that I want Madonna and MIA’s boots. Though that didn’t surprise anyone, did it?

What were your thoughts?

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