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April 13, 2012

Rainy day…

No, this wasn't taken today. But it looks just like this outside.
It’s raining! There’s something about rain that brings out the little kid in me. TheBoy was kind enough to stay up long enough for me to drop the Oldest Kidlet at school in the pouring rain, while he watched the Little Kidlet at home. There was just something about dealing with the rain, the cast and two kids that just seemed like it wasn’t worth the hassle.

It took a total of fifteen minutes to drive around the block, walk my son to his class and get home. It probably would have taken less time, but we walked very slowly to the class to make sure that the cast didn’t get wet.

My mother-in-law asked me what I thought of my peek at the future. It’s true. Next year, the Little Kidlet will still be in preschool. But the year after that? Both my boys will be going to the school right around the block. On days where I don’t have errands, I will be back home only 20 minutes at most after leaving to drop off kids at school.

This has been a rough month for me. Between OK breaking his arm, and LK’s trip to the ER last night…

…what’s that? I didn’t mention that particular ER trip?

Last night, just as I was getting ready to make dinner, the Little Kidlet started coughing and started crying. When I got him to calm down, he coughed some more and said “swallowed… coin.” (No, he doesn’t say much) He kept pointing to his throat, was genuinely freaking out… so we did what you’re supposed to do and went to the ER.

In what was quite possibly the speediest ER trip ever, we were whisked back after waiting for 15 minutes and put in a bed. They took us back for xrays, and then we sat and waited. There was no sign of the coins, and the Doctor believed our story (LK did chime in enough to support the story). Her theory was that he had swallowed it, but coughed it up and was so freaked out by the whole thing he didn’t realize he’d coughed it up. We were discharged about 2 hours after we got there.

So it was a non-event. On the other hand, after my trip to the hospital in December, and the broken arm… I’m over hospitals.

At least I had this to amuse me.

Little Kidlet: Knock, knock.
Me: Who’s there.
Little Kidlet: Dinosaur.
Me: Dinosaur who?
Little Kidlet: ROOOOOOOAAAAARRRRRRRR (He does a great T-Rex).

Yep. That’s what he considers a knock knock joke. He also did them for dragons, elephants and the silliest was a goldfish.

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