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July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!

It’s the Fourth of July! Hopefully everyone has a safe day. With all the drier than usual conditions- please be careful. (In fact, a number of states have firework bans because of the heat and dryness)

We’re watching the Clone Wars marathon on Cartoon Network right now. My youngest is wearing his Clone Trooper helmet and blasting away along with the 501st.

Little Kidlet's version of Darth Vader
While this pic isn’t from today, this is the helmet he’s wearing.

Yesterday I put up a post about something I felt strongly about (The Star Wars blog removing bylines from past posts, including most of Bonnie Burton’s), and it would seem that’s echoed a bit with the internet. Thanks for all the follows, shares, RTs, views, etc. I write about what I care about and try to be as thoughtful as I can about it.

I also added an update. It would seem that they left bylines in for Bonnie Burton’s craft posts, her updates about Katie… in short anything that anyone might search for using her name. They also left bylines for Pete Vilmur’s collectibles posts. Again, something that would be searchable.

It doesn’t make me feel any better- because instead of it being a decision to simply remove credit from pasts posts, this shows that they’re extremely aware of what they needed to keep for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.

I also want to make it clear that while I was showing what happened to Bonnie, I never said that this was just about her. I know that other people contributed to the Star Wars blog over the years. All of them deserve their credit. But Bonnie is the one who brought it up- the one who can comment as to which of the unattributed posts were her.

With that, I’m going to spend the day with my family, and maybe get a little writing done. Hope you all have a safe day! While it’s a little cooler today, it’s a little cloudy right now. Hopefully that burns off, so that we can see fireworks tonight.

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