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July 24, 2012

8 years!

Today’s my anniversary. 8 years ago, I was lucky enough to be marrying a man I loved deeply then, but even more-so now.

We had a lovely ceremony at a building that’s no longer accessible. I would talk about it more, but it’s not available as a venue anymore, since it was bought by Scientologists (I am not making that up).

The building was an art deco affair in Santa Ana, with an old elevator, as well as a theater. We used the theater for both the wedding and the reception. Chairs were set up for the wedding, and after the ceremony, guests were whisked away to a cocktail reception while they set up the reception.

The room was transformed into a 1930’s nightclub, with a live band, and even a Maitre’d to tell the guests where they would be seated. The tables were named after nightclubs and dance halls, and the signs served as the guestbook.

We danced! Our first dance was to “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You,” my dance with my father was to “Moonlight Serenade”- since he introduced me to Glenn Miller’s music, and TheBoy’s dance with his mother was to “Unforgettable”. And the rest of the night was a blur of dancing- with just about everyone.

Pictures and helpful links behind the cut.

Picture 1: TheBoy and his groomsmen (top), one of the boutonnieres (bottom left), TheBoy’s wedding band (center), my mother in-law’s corsage (bottom right).

Picture 2: The back of my dress (top left), my wedding rings (top center), my bouquet (top right), my fabulous bridal party (bottom)

Picture 3: TheBoy and I (left), My father & I waiting to walk down the aisle (right top), TheBoy kissing the bride (right center), My sister’s back (right bottom).

Picture 4: Going clockwise from top right: The theater set up for our reception, Jerad as the snooty Maitre’d giving out seating assignments, our wedding cake (it was three tiers, white cake with either white chocolate mousse and raspberries or lemon curd and strawberries for filling), a shot of the table decor.

Picture 5: Laughing in the hallway (hands down my favorite picture from the wedding, top), the music at the cocktail reception (bottom left), dancing the night away (bottom center), the first dance (bottom right)

Anything that might be useful to anyone reading this…

My mom planned the wedding. She also made my dress, and that was definitely one of a kind- she bought a sari and pieced it together to make that gown. However if you like the boutonnieres and bouquets (wire, Swarovski crystals and peacock swords or feathers), let me know and I can put you in contact with my her. (Actually, she’s informed me that if you want something unusual that isn’t run of the mill, that she’ll work with you- she has lots of ideas)

Music was the incomparable Judy Chamberlain Jazz & Swing Orchestra– she sang, Al Viola played the guitar (he’s since passed away), Ben May played Bass, John Rodby was on the piano, Steve Wilkerson played Sax, Clarinet and flute, Kye Palmer on Trumpet, and James Gadson on the drums.

Photos were by Ryan Phillips Photography. I put together the collages.

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