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August 16, 2012

First Day of School!

Today, the Little Kidlet started preschool. Well, this year of preschool. It’s the same school from last year (a preschool at a private Christian K-8 school)

When we showed up, the parking lot was a madhouse- which I anticipated this time. We found a spot and headed in. On the first day, they have a mixer for the new parents- with coffee and pastries! It’s to let them get to know the Booster Club president, the Principal, and to meet other parents. It was easy to spot the new families- they were dressed to impress. I even saw a pair of Louboutins. Or a knockoff with a red sole.

The regular parents, the ones who looked down on me last year? They were all wearing comfortable clothes because it was already 82 degrees. Most of the stay at home moms were in cutoffs and tees, instead of the usual skinny jean and nice top.

Took LK to his class, spoke with his new teacher (who already met him a little this summer, and who was the other teacher in the classroom that OK had been in). She was a little nervous about LK’s allergies, but I told her that he’s pretty good about remembering his snack. Which she confirmed that his previous teachers had told her. And I said that I’d do my best to make sure that he was prepared for class parties, and volunteer as often as I could if it made her feel more comfortable.

Meanwhile, LK kept staring at me, waving. “Bye, Mommy.” “BYE, Mom.” “MOM, go.” When I was finished talking to his teacher, I took the hint and left.

All told, he had a good day. He got to play in the “big” playground, at last. It has a jungle gym, a fire engine thing to climb on, tricycles to ride, some little basketball hoops and a sandbox.

And when he came home, the kidlets played on the new Slip n’ Slide.

Oh, right. We got a new one. You see, a week ago, the boys had theirs out. It had two lanes to slide down, and a splash down pool that filled with water and sprayed you when you reached the end. Well, they were playing, when SPLOOOOSH- the water-filled ring deflated and water was everywhere, but in the pool part.

I flipped it over, and a whole seam had split open. FIL vowed to get a patch kit to fix it, but decided that a small Slip n’ Slide was just more cost effective.

This one has no pool, but a little bumper at the end that sprays water. How do the boys like it?

Apparently they were thirsty. But they really do love it!

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