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August 22, 2012


I wanted to comment about Rep Todd Akin, but so many people already have. What he initially said is offensive on so many levels, as is his non-apology. The “apology” said that he misspoke, he empathizes with rape victims, but still doesn’t think they should have abortions. There is no apology in there.

I’m tired of politicians who build their platforms based off one crackpot’s scientific finding (and really, there is no scientific basis for thinking that women have way to halt a pregnancy from occurring- a woman is just as likely to conceive during consensual sex as she is in rape). I’m tired of politicians being caught in lies and instead of admitting they were wrong and saying they’ll try to be more educated in the future, just say they misspoke. His words were so deliberate in terminology from anti-abortion legislation that there’s no way he misspoke. Excuses aren’t apologies.

No matter what side of the issues you stand on, I hope we can all recognize that we need politicians who are better educated. From understanding economics to basic science to knowing what actually constitutes an apology. While not all of us understand economies, we all had to pass science to graduate. And heck, most of us learned that excuses aren’t apologies by the time we were 5.

It shouldn’t be this hard. We deserve more.

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