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September 4, 2012

Well hello September!

I sort of forgot that yesterday was Monday. Sometimes I just see the world as weekend and then Monday. So three day weekends throw me off.

We went to a family party on Saturday, at my grandmother-in-laws house. I had a nice time. The weather was cooler than it’s been, and not very humid at all. A neighbor of hers was having a party with a mariachi band- the serenading kind, not the loud obnoxious kind.

Other than not being able to blink after looking at this picture, you have to admit it’s a relaxing garden, isn’t it?

So we sat out on the patio in somewhat mild weather and enjoyed the music.

Sunday we ran some errands, including buying TheBoy new running shoes. If you’re in the LA area, the store that we go to Legacy Running has two locations- Long Beach and Whittier. They have a great knowledgable staff.

All in all, it was a nice and relaxing weekend.

We tried out TheBoy’s new running shoes yesterday, setting out for my 1 mile run. I know I haven’t really started Couch to 5k yet, but after hearing people freak out about getting hung up on the first week, I sort of became obsessed with making sure I wouldn’t fail.

With TheBoy, I find that I do better. Case in point, on Monday I ran 14:46 with him. My average pace has been about 16:23. Why? When I run with him, I’m not running against myself.

I know, a lot of people advised me not to compare myself to other people. And I’m not. I know that these runs with me are a piece of cake for TheBoy. Yesterday and today he actually went on his 3-4 mile runs before going on the mile with me. So I tend to push myself a little more because I know he’s holding back.

But what I mean is that when I’m running by myself, the only person I am running with is me. I’m in my head, and boy can I be a bitch. Without me worrying about my pace, and every run I haven’t gone on yet- I can just focus on my stance, how I feel and trying to show off for my husband.

Today we went together as well. It wasn’t as fast- only 14:49, but at least I know that Monday’s score wasn’t a fluke. In face, I was surprised it was that fast. I know I walked a fair amount of it and whined about the heat. But I guess when I was running, I ran for longer stretches with longer strides. Who knew?

TheBoy admitted that he didn’t think I was going to take to running this well, or be this determined. I am the sort of person who gives up when it gets hard. But when upfront you plunk down a non-refundable fee to do a 5k, there’s a fair amount of motivation. And now that I’m doing it, I’m not going to let anything stop me.

I have a lot of things to write about this week. Fair warning!

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