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September 13, 2012

[Review] The Colibri

This review is for a product that I was given in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts included are all mine!

I don’t do many reviews (certainly not sponsored ones), and when this one came into my inbox, I thought for awhile about whether or not I should say yes. How often does a girl get the chance to review a toy of, ahem, an adult nature? (It’s at this point I should probably suggest that my family just skip this post, though really, I’m not going to be graphic.) Obviously, my curiosity got the better of me…

I was given a Ladygasm Colibri to evaluate. As you can see, it comes in this lovely box, complete with its charging cord (which is just below the top layer in the box). That’s right- it has a rechargeable battery, which charges in an hour. It’s completely waterproof and like all their toys, uses medical grade silicone so it’s easy to clean (and latex-free for anyone with latex allergies).

The one thing I meant to do was include a coin for size reference. It’s not a very big toy- I have pretty small hands, and this fit perfectly (and comfortably in my hand).

There are four controls built in. The up and down arrows cycle through the modes (you also hold the up arrow on to turn it on, and hold the down button to turn it off). The left and right arrows adjust the intensity, and there are several cycles so that you can find just the right setting for you.

I will admit, because this particular toy is geared toward clitoral stimulation, it took me a couple tries to figure out how to best use it (since that isn’t usually what you find out on the market). But the Ladygasm Colibri was definitely worth the effort- it’s a stylish toy that certainly has enough options to suit anyone looking for an external toy! And if it isn’t, Ladygasm has a full line of toys designed for women, which based on the Colibri are extremely well made!

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