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October 2, 2012

Nothing much to say.

I know. I don’t have much to say? It’s shocking.

It’s been a long hot crazy week and I’m drained. I had a flare up last week, and the cramps went on and off for the last five days. As in, it would skip a day and then bother me the next. This was in no doubt exacerbated by stress.

TheBoy had been working a lot of hours and slept most of the weekend (which he definitely needed), so it was me and the boys. Whom I love, and they did spent a lot of time in their grandparent’s room- but my brain never really left Mom mode.

I didn’t run very much. I did complete Week Two Day Three- it was my first early morning run, and a run done when it was just under 60 degrees. And I was a lot slower. My average pace was around 16 minutes because I was freezing. I think if I’d been running for more than my 1.3 miles, I would have started sweating and warmed up- I just never hit that point.

At some point in time I will have to start training in the morning, as the 5k run will be early morning.

I discovered that I need to buy new bras. Apparently all that running has made my breasts go down a cup size. Don’t cry for my breasts, Argentina- being the size that I’ve been at the last few years has been a bit of a fluke. Most of the time I’m right at the A/B border, which is back where I am.

School has been going well for the boys. The Oldest Kidlet is on top of his homework, and the Little Kidlet is blowing everyone away by how quickly he’s picking up writing. His name already looks better than anyone else in the class, and he’d never really written before September.

Mostly though, I just need for fall weather to start. Something about this constant heat just makes me want to hibernate.

How are you, internet?

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