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November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve been a wee bit out of it this week. Sorry for the lack of posts.

Last year was a success when it came to Thanksgiving, so far as allergies went. I cooked the day before, making the Little Kidlet’s meal. So we’re repeating that. Right now I’m roasting a turkey breast (which doesn’t seem to be as golden as I’d hope, but we’ll just keep going with it) and already made LK’s sage stuffing. (While it’s too late to buy the ingredients for this Thanksgiving, this is a GREAT stuffing, so add it to your lists for your next holiday!)

So how do we do it? I have my own roasting pan that never has any stuffing go anywhere near it. I have a bunch of plastic containers with green lids (unlike the rest of the food storage). I also bought a bunch of plastic serving utensils in green. The idea is that the green will help signify what’s meant for LK so that cross-contamination won’t happen.

I also prepare his foods in the kitchen first. So that way I know the kitchen is clean, and then I know they stay allergen-free for him. And little by little I’ve convinced family members to ask me first before giving him anything to eat.

The only other part of his dinner will be some boiled potato (I pull out some of the potatoes before I mash them) and some asparagus.

So what are your plans? Have any helpful suggestions for doing dinners that have people with dietary restrictions? (Here’s a great link about how to treat friends with food issues/restrictions)

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