December 7, 2012

Friday Wrap-up: 12/7/12

Usually I write my blog posts a day ahead, but yesterday I didn’t quite feel like putting a post together.

So you get a collection of links, broken up in the categories of this blog! (Pirate, btw, is anything I’m really passionate about. Not necessarily actual pirates)

The Hawkeye Initiative – What happens when you take Marvel’s Hawkeye and redraw comic art with him in part of the ladies? A hilarious good time that points out the effect that male gaze has on the comic industry.
The Star Trek: Into Darkness teasers are out. Make sure you watch the Japanese subtitled one as well as the US one. There’s one important line/moment added in there.

Amanda Palmer posted this blog announcing that she cancelled her tour to be at her friend’s side, and the outpouring of love and support from her fans has been extraordinary. I know that if I had known how ill J was, I would have dropped everything to be there.
Here is an IndieGogo fundraiser for DrinkSavvy, a line of cups & straws that will change color in the presence of date rape drugs.

From Looking for the Sweet Spot, The Bag Lady Gets a Job
Dad vs Spawn has the secret to gingerbread houses. Power tools. (Did that give you good chills, too?)

Thumbs up, thumbs down? I might make this a regular Friday feature.

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