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December 12, 2012

The Worst Parking Job of the Week!

I know, it’s Wednesday. There are still a few days for someone to snatch up the prize, but I figured I would share this gem.


That’s right. This person pulled into what they thought was an open space, saw the cone there, and instead of getting out to move it (or to pull out and find an open space- which there were many of), they just parked there.

The backend of their car was hanging out into the parking lot, at a spot where everyone drives past. It was practically begging to get clipped.

I would have been surprised, but in this same parking lot I’ve seen people pull into other spots and not pull all the way. It’s as though they think they’re all the way in, then get out and see they aren’t and say… “Eh, it’s close enough,” even though there’s still a yard in front of their car.

It just seems to be this parking lot.

Tell me about horrible parking jobs you’ve seen!

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