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December 13, 2012

My daily drive.

Right now, I have a morning drive that takes me around the hills nearby.

Past the cemetery where deer come out in the morning to graze.

Onto the freeway to continue driving around the hills.

The funny thing is that the weather on one side of the hill is often very different. It will be a gloomy, foggy morning. The sort where the clouds sort of licks the hills, you can see bits of it curl around trees, filling valleys. Then I’ll get to the other side of the hill where it’s sunny, and if I look up at the hills, I can see where the cloud stops. Where it’s swallowing up a million dollar home, leaving everything else below alone.

Of course, sometimes it goes the other way. The forecast will call for rain, but it will be sunny here at home. The second I get around the hill, it goes from sunny to pouring rain.

Wouldn’t give up my drive for the world. I do wish I could get pictures, but that’s hard to do while driving.

So what’s your favorite drive, and why?

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