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December 28, 2012

Happy Holidays! Part One.

It’s the sign of a good holiday week, when I completely forget to post about it (because I’m too busy enjoying it!).

We’re here in Tucson at my grandmother’s. Growing up, this house seemed huge, but it’s a 1950s ranch house with three bedrooms and two baths. They added on a den and a larger room that’s used for the dining room… but it still isn’t that big. Especially when you have five adults and two little kids in the house.

It used to be we were in the smaller bedroom, but my parents graciously let us have the bigger room- and provided us with two kid sized air mattresses for the boys to sleep on.

The only downside of this arrangement (other than the spotty water-heater and low water pressure) is that kidlets + air mattresses = noisy tossing and turning.

Christmas Eve was lovely. We started it off with my cousin’s wedding, with family and friends. It was a lovely ceremony, and my dad gave an eloquent toast.


That evening we went back to my aunt’s house for our “traditional” Christmas Eve celebration.

My aunt lives in Winterhaven, an entire housing tract that decorates for Christmas. A schedule gets set up so that there are nights you can walk through Winterhaven, and some nights where you can drive through it. Christmas Eve is a walk through night, so we get there early and enjoy dinner and then walk around with family.

There’s just something magical about the crisp winter air (this is Arizona, so it isn’t that cold) and all the lights. My one regret? We didn’t buy a bag of freshly made kettle corn. Yum.


Next time… Christmas! Yep, there’s just too much Christmas to fit it into one post.

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