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January 7, 2013

Kidlets, Droids & Star Wars, blurring the lines.

A lot has gone on since vacation, and it seems wrong at the moment to blog the silliness.

TheBoy’s maternal grandmother is in the hospital. Her health has been declining over the last year- and in the last few months especially. And it’s terminal. She has congestive heart failure and her kidneys have failed. They’re making her comfortable… but it’s upended everything here. But I’ve had these posts lined up in the queue, and I don’t quite have the words yet to write about it. Just know that we really do appreciate all the support. <3 -W


Late one night, while perusing my G+ feed, I found someone sharing the Millennium Falcon project, musing about how it’s entirely likely in the near future for us to have droids like Threepio and Artoo. Something not only with AI, but a personality.

And I considered how unbelievably awesome it would be to own my own Threepio and Artoo. Helpful, but also an endless source of comedic amusement. Threepio’s worrisome nature would be amusing. Artoo’s sound effect filled sass would be…

That’s when it dawned on me.

I don’t have to wait to have Threepio and Artoo. My kids are far more like them than I’d ever thought. I know, they aren’t droids. But give me a moment to explain.

The Oldest Kidlet is smart, but a bit of a know-it-all. Not having learned things like modesty, he will constantly tell you exactly how much he knows about something. And he talks. Constantly. He is also our worrier. During the saga of the flat tire, he immediately began to worry about whether or not we would ever make it to Arizona. It was the 7 year old equivalent of “we’re doomed.” He also prefers to take the well-traveled path. He also appreciates a good bath.

The Little Kidlet is equally smart, but pretty quiet about it. While he talks, he has a tendency to fill the silence in the room with sound effects. He’s also the one who will keep trying something until he gets it right, and doesn’t worry when things go wrong. He tries to figure out what to do next and goes for it. He’s the one more likely to explore the unknown.

The only question is, how did I not notice this earlier?

Okay. Now I see the resemblance.
Okay. Now I see the resemblance.

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