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January 16, 2013

On her own terms.

On Sunday I watched The Golden Globes, which culminated (for me) in Jodie Foster receiving the Cecil B. DeMille award. TheBoy and I watched it, and were touched by her candor and wit.

So I was surprised to see so many negative responses to her speech, though not surprised that the people who didn’t like it didn’t seem to have listened to all of it.

There were complaints that she mocked coming out, but then came out anyways by thanking her ex-partner, and co-parent of her two boys. But most of her speech was about living her life on her terms. She didn’t understand the need for statements, reality shows and putting everything out there- she spelled it out, that she just lived a normal, boring life. She’d already been out to everyone who mattered to her, so she simply thanked the people who were important. And only came out because she felt the need to make sure that everyone knew why those people were important.

Some people assumed she was retiring. She merely said she wasn’t interested in playing the game. That she wasn’t going to chase awards or big movie deals. That she would tell stories that were personal and important to her- that it would be the telling that was important.

I wonder if they actually listened to what she said, or were instead upset that she didn’t say what they expected?

In other news, BlogHer shared my post about CES and Booth Babes! I never know what post will catch someone’s eyes, and I’m grateful for the response it’s gotten.

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